Before we learn about Sorbene, it would be more logical to know its roots. Founded in 2019 as an arm of the Graphene powerhouse, M/s Log 9 Materials Scientific Pvt Ltd, Sorbene is dedicated to innovations, manufacturing, and distribution of spill containment products. Sadly, the spill containment industry was not so popular, until very recently when all the countries across the globe started taking steps towards the environment and sustainability.

The parent company, Log 9 Materials, which is a pioneer of Graphene applications, introduced this application of Graphene where we can use it for unprecedented absorption. As per the research done by Markets and Markets in 2018, the Industrial Sorbent markets will be at a global value of $ 4.8 Bn. The whole industry will see a rise of 5.1% CAGR across the globe and it will be much higher in the developing world like India.

India’s GDP principally comes from two sectors, Agriculture and Manufacturing. Moreover, in the years to come, much of the agriculture share will be taken up by manufacturing and services. As we can see that manufacturing is on the rise, so will the demand for spill containment units. Almost all manufacturing units make use of some sort of liquid material (which is most of the cases is based on, oils based or other hazardous material). For example, oils are used for lubrication of the contact parts, as fuel for IC engines, as for cleansing agents, like heat transfer media, and the applications are much wide.

Starting from mines where oils are used for much lubrication purposes, a single spill can cause severe damage to the environment. Simply because these hazardous materials take a very long time to disintegrate if not forever. Our spill containment pads with an unprecedented absorption capacity can absorb all of that chemical in a matter of few seconds. Not just that, since our pads are reusable with significant effectiveness for up to 6 times, the total cost of a given quantity of oil absorption is much less than anything presently available in the market. If we come to the petroleum industry and marine industry, carrying a spill containment unit is mandatory by law in most countries.

In the marine environment, it is so dangerous that the Deepwater Horizon spill that happened in the year 2001, it still taking marine life after almost a decade. For marine applications, our socks and booms can be used as an excellent barrier to prevent the oil spread. In addition to that, our booms can also absorb around 30 liters of oil in a single go thus providing an excellent source of waste recovery. For manufacturing units that use oils for lubrication and as fuel, we have spill kits that can be customized exactly suiting the customers’ needs to provide an optimized, cost-effective solution.

We are a team of innovators, based out of Mumbai and Bengaluru but present across the globe. With a vision of “Protecting the environment with innovations around nanotechnology”, we are on a mission of “being global leaders in Spill Containment business with the power of nanotechnology”.

Sorbene is a brand by Log 9 Spill Containment Pvt. Ltd. for spill absorbent products made of proprietary graphene -the wonder material. Website: